Our Mining Equipment in Newcastle (Also Serving Wollongong)

Our Mining Services provides an extensive range of specialties both on site and in our Wollongong workshop. The workshop is certified through the Mines Department of NSW and all personnel have up to date training as per the Coal Mines Regulation. Our experience in this area has lead to work being carried out in mines along the south coast as well as in the western districts.


  • On-site C1 inspections on all flameproof equipment.
  • Code A, B and C Machine maintenance.
  • Full electrical overhauls on all flameproof machinery including hazardous area.
  • Mines Department of NSW approved workshop and personnel.
  • Manufacturer and upgrading of pressed metal starters and control panels.
  • Hourly Hire of Electrical and Fitter Personnel.
  • CAD facilities in house.
  • Extensive Approval Library.
  • Flameproof motor overhauls and rewinds.
  • Conveyor Installations.
  • Longwall moves.
  • Winder operations and maintenance.
  • Authorised underground switching and earthing personnel.
  • HT Maintenance and Management
  • Earth grid testing
  • Injection testing of high voltage circuit breakers
  • Laser alignment services – surface and underground
  • RTV overhauls and repairs